Creating a brand identity for a conceptual Italian bakery
Grancini is a renowned (conceptual) bakery known for its Italian pastries. Located in the Gastown Neighbourhood of Vancouver, B.C., they not only serve an abundance of treats such as cannoli, bomboloni, and struffoli at their main location but have started to deliver them throughout the Lower Mainland too.

Founded in 2017, they are in need of a re-brand in order to further grow their business, promote their new delivery services, and attract new customers as a result. Their current branding was done by themselves when they first started, and they feel it lacks the professional, fun, and “sense of nostalgia” feeling they want to convey. They want their look to express that “they make their food with love”; this is geared toward their target audience of couples (mainly between the ages of 18-35 years old).
As such, not only do they want a revamped branding identity, but they also want a marketing package consisting of a digital billboard ad, two social media ads, and a social brand presence (profile picture, banner).
Brand Designer

May 2023

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
Logo Breakdown
Logo Variations
Typography System
Marketing Package
Digital Billboard Ad
Social Media Ads
Social Media Presence (Profile Pictures, Banner)
Design Process
Design Brief
Keywords: lively, romantic, nostalgic, fun
Mindmap & Sketches
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